Frequently Asked Questions

How to Install

Simply insert the Open Window unit into the sill of your window, and expand it to the desired width. That’s it. No need to remove the screen. No tools needed to install. No headache.

Will this work with any type of window?

Currently, Open Window is only made to serve in single-hung or double-hung windows. An option to suit other window types is on the way!

How can I keep my Open Window from falling over?

Make sure the unit is settled into the sill and close the sliding pane to hold Open Window snugly in place. Install the tension rod the top portion of the window to keep your Open Window in place.

How does Open Window benefit the environment?

When using Open Window, you can turn off your AC, resulting in energy savings and lower energy consumption. Also, for every Open Window purchased, we plant one tree with the Arbor Day Foundation, to create more fresh, clean air. The more trees we plant, the healthier our environment, and the fresher the air coming through your Open Window will be!

Are you actually planting a tree with every Open Window sold?

Yes! We do so through the Arbor Day Foundation.

How much money will I save using the Open Window?

For the average homeowner, using a fan instead of air conditioning will save $438 a year, but using Open Window instead of a fan and air conditioning will save over $500 a year.

How does Open Window lower my AC bill?

Open Window allows you to trade air conditioning for the old fashioned cool breeze through an open window screen during all types of weather. Fresh air is a more cost effective alternative to air conditioning. Hello, energy savings!

How does Open Window benefit my health and wellness?

Outdoor air is healthier than indoor air. According to the EPA, pollutant levels in indoor air are often 2 to 5 times higher than outdoor air, and can exceed 100 times higher.

Is Open Window a window screen replacement?

No, Open Window is not a window screen replacement or house window glass replacement. Open Window can be used in conjunction with windows with or without screens, but is not meant to replace the screen or glass themselves.

Will Open Window work with replacement windows?

Of course, as long as the windows are single or double hung, Open Window will fit. Options of Open Window that are compatible with alternate window styles are coming soon!


We have a 30-day money back guarantee and 1-year limited manufacturer warranty when you register your product.

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Planting Trees for the Future

Through a partnership with the Arbor Day Foundation, we will plant a tree for every unit sold. Our goal is to sell one million Open Windows and plant one million trees. Your purchase today will help make this goal a reality.